Birth of Venus - Sandro Botticelli

aliceswelly replied to your photo “hi again. going to try and post at least once a week from now on….”

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hi again.going to try and post at least once a week from now on. exuse the prolonged absence, i’ve been dealing with things.


Hi loves,

I started a project recently for a friend of mine in Haiti who asked me for my help to get him through school. You can find all of the info here at Please take the time to read the page and donate if you can, if not, by simply spreading the word you are helping immensely. 

Thank you so much for your time,


Please pass this on to as many people as you can!

If I tried to carve a path that
weaved through the raindrops,
would you proclaim it
I’ve grown weary of getting wet
when even the wildest things
don’t dry me off, when
even the wildest things
wring me out as tight as I’ll go.
There is no hope -
I cannot sleep in puddles and
the clouds won’t let me rest.
I’ve been awake and damp for days
but still my skies are overcast and
now my eyes feel as though
they might drop down to the muddy ground
taking the sights of those wild things with them.
There is no shelter on these drenched plains so
when I start to carve this path
that keeps me out of the rain
I am hopeful you will humour me.
I am hopeful you might help me.

That night we discovered all of each other,
slow, and deep, and long
Then, like the fastest man in the world,
You were ready
You were set
…You were gone

There are vultures
waiting on the sidelines
to crack bones and feast
Believe that
they’re eyes will always grow with their stomachs

It is comforting to know
Something can turn
to nothing but dust in the desert heat.
It comforts me to know that
running only gets you as far as standing still

When you told me it tasted like sugar
I found myself believing in sweetness
because yours is a tongue i would sell myself short for
and your words sound strangely like heaven.
If i pick the pieces apart
I know they don’t fit together
but your voice travels to unknown places
and now i am ready to discover


The Face Test - Peter Martensen