When you told me it tasted like sugar
I found myself believing in sweetness
because yours is a tongue i would sell myself short for
and your words sound strangely like heaven.
If i pick the pieces apart
I know they don’t fit together
but your voice travels to unknown places
and now i am ready to discover


The Face Test - Peter Martensen

Blood of a Poet Box (1965-1968), Eleanor Antin 
Wood box containing blood samples taken from 100 poets.

The treasure chest of
your mouth has rusted.
What was once gold
is turned to dust
and your words
crush me like rubble.
I have never felt
the weight
of them the way
I do now -
let my ribs crack
underneath it so
my mind lies
where your thoughts do not.

The moon was full
the night she threw herself
from Suicide Bridge.
The moon was
full; the roads,
quiet; the air,
hot and sticky.
She caught it in
her crinoline.
She looked so pretty,
floating down like feathers,
in her petticoat, that
death cursed the wind
as it stole her from him 

Adam McEwen
Untitled Text Msg (Vicodin), 2010
Inkjet print on vinyl, 154 x 154 inches

Attic, paper, yarn - Maiko Hasegawa

Ethiopian Welo Opal New gem found looks like the ocean in rock